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The NorJS Framework

Full-stack app framework with a simple scalable design

First Release

The first release of our framework will be published in 2020 Q1 and a beta is already available for our pre-order subscribers.

We are planning to publish the framework with a multi-licensed business model:

  • Access to a Github repository (MIT-licensed) for our yearly subscription customers
  • Commercial license option for enterprise customers
  • Community version (GPL) for non-registered users without a requirement to subscribe

Pre-order subscription to Private Repository with MIT-lisence

By pre-ordering you get access to our private Git repository and get a chance to have an influence on the project.

Online form is available at

These pre-order prices are for a recurring Yearly Subscription. The price for new customers will be 20-100% higher after the product is released. Your pre-order price will stay the same until you cancel your subscription.

Single subscription gives one user an access to a private repository in which our software is licensed with a MIT license.

You may contact our sales at if you need a quote for multi-user subscription.

Community Version (GPL)

There will be a GPL licensed version, in which case no commercial subscription is required, and the source code will be available online without a registration.

Commercial Version

We are also providing commercial license and contract options.

Please contact us for a quote by email to